Residential Project by Chris Kwong

Chris Kwong Exhibits The Lui's Residence Residential Project

Chris Kwong, the architect of the awarded project Award Winning Lui's Residence Residential project demonstrates, A combination of black, grey and white colors emphasises the strong outlines in this residence, while the unique V-shaped wooden fl <Cropped>

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Live Music Bar by Mario J Lotti

Mario J Lotti Discloses The Lido Cafe Live Music Bar

Mario J Lotti, the lead designer of the displayed project Live music bar by Mario J Lotti says, The First floor is an under water experience and the Second floor is an above water experience. The underwater experience includes a light organ as stage <Cropped>

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Residential House by Kelly Lin and Tian Liangwei

Kelly Lin and Tian Liangwei Shows The Yinmachuan by The Great Wall Residential House

Kelly Lin and Tian Liangwei, the lead designer of the displayed project Yinmachuan by the Great Wall - Residential House by Kelly Lin and Tian Liangwei explicates, The application of the dialogue between old and new embodying the ancient Eastern cu <Cropped>

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Play With Your City 2019: Reimagining Lady Street Call For Entries

Help Us Reimagine The Experience On An Underutilized, Three-block Pedestrian Corridor Crossing Through Several Urban Precincts in Downtown Columbia, South Carolina, and You Could Win The $5, 000 Prize. Accepting The Challenge Entrants Are Challenged To

Help us reimagine the experience on an underutilized, three-block pedestrian corridor crossing through several urban precincts in downtown columbia, south carolina, and you could win the $5,000 prize. Accepting the challenge entrants are challenge <Cropped>

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Concert Hall by Broissin Architects

Broissin Architects Spotlights The Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Concert Hall

Broissin Architects, the creative mind behind the displayed design Broissin Architects's Centro Cultural Roberto Cantoral Concert Hall says, The lines composing the façade move up and down as branches moving in the wind, letting the sunlight p <Cropped>

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Nomad-Identity Design by Augustinas and Domas

Augustinas and Domas Demonstrates The Nomad Identity Design

Augustinas and Domas , the project leader of the displayed work Identity design:Nomad by Augustinas and Domas spells out, They are travellers who believe that mobility is the most efficient strategy for exploit- ing resources. Nomads are especially r <Cropped>

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Mobile Application by Ronghao Jin and Juan Lin

Ronghao Jin and Juan Lin Creates The Mercku Mobile Application

Ronghao Jin and Juan Lin, the author of the displayed design Mobile application by Ronghao Jin and Juan Lin illustrates, Mercku, a Canadian IoT hardware company has a launched a new mobile application that puts the host in complete control of the Wi- <Cropped>

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Award Winning Beauty of Integration Office

Yu-Chieh Lin Shares The Beauty of Integration Office

Yu-Chieh Lin, the lead designer of the displayed work Beauty of Integration - Office by Yu-Chieh Lin points out, This is an interior design office planning project which renovates a close to 3 decades old house, the external looks presents a fusion o <Cropped>

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Posters by Vratislav Pecka

Vratislav Pecka Presents The Posterlad Posters

Vratislav Pecka, the lead designer of the award winning design PosterLad - Posters by Vratislav Pecka explains, Vratislav Pecka, a digital designer from Prague, Czech Republic, started this project in October 2016 when he realized he needs a getaway <Cropped>

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2020 Embracing Our Differences International Art Exhibit Celebrating Diversity

The Centerpiece of Embracing Our Differences Is An Outdoor Juried Art Exhibit Featuring 50 Billboard Size Images Created by Local, National and International Artists and Writers. The Theme Is "enriching Lives Through Diversity."art Is a Powerful

The centerpiece of embracing our differences is an outdoor juried art exhibit featuring 50 billboard size images created by local, national and international artists and writers. the theme is "enriching lives through diversity."Art is a pow <Cropped>

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