Airnemone Pavilion-Interactive Exhibition Pavilion by Kevin Chu

Kevin Chu Demonstrates The Airnemone Pavilion Interactive Exhibition Pavilion

Kevin Chu, the author of the highlighted design Interactive Exhibition Pavilion :Airnemone Pavilion by Kevin Chu explicates, The design was inspired by watching Pixar's Finding Nemo. The concept wants all of you to become a clown fish and the de <Cropped>

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Your Umbrella, Your Perletti

Perletti and Desall Invite You to Create a New Umbrella, Able to Distinguish Itself From The Competitors Thanks to Its Design and Style Details That Make It a Very Distinguishable Product.your Umbrella, Your Perletti-design Your Iconic Umbrella On Desal

Perletti and desall invite you to create a new umbrella, able to distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its design and style details that make it a very distinguishable product.Your umbrella, your perletti - design your iconic umbrella on <Cropped>

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Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos by Cecconi Simone

Cecconi Simone Illustrates The Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos Condominium Sales Centre

Cecconi Simone, the creator of the displayed project Cecconi Simone's Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos Condominium Sales Centre demonstrates, This 560 m² condominium marketing centre in Toronto – completed in April 2015 and encompassing a presentat <Cropped>

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Book Organizer:bookend by Tong Jin (tj) Kim

Tong Jin (tj) Kim Discloses The Bookend Book Organizer

Tong Jin (TJ) Kim, the project leader of the highlighted project BooKend by Tong Jin (TJ) Kim explicates, BooKend is about finding new ways to design and develop artistic yet functional objects using the latest technology tools. The BooKend is a bo <Cropped>

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Award Winning Pepsi Year of The Rooster Ltd Ed Can Can Graphics

Acclaimed Designer Illustrates The Pepsi Year of The Rooster Ltd Ed Can Can Graphics

The thinktank behind the award winning work Acclaimed Designer's Pepsi Year of the Rooster Ltd Ed Can Can graphics explicates, The Pepsi Year of the Rooster Limited Edition Can celebrated the excitement of the Chinese New Year, combined with the <Cropped>

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Verge32-3-Storey Semi-Detached House by Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd

Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd. Presents The Verge32 3-Storey Semi-Detached House

Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd., the thinktank behind the awarded design Verge32 - 3-Storey Semi-Detached House by Metrics Global Sdn. Bhd. says, Verge32 triple storey semi-detached is a housing development on top of a hill, sitting among lush greenery. T <Cropped>

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Mobile Kiosk by Chiara Minì

Chiara Minì Shows The Bike Break Electric Trike Mobile Kiosk

Chiara Minì, the author of the awarded work Bike Break Electric Trike by Chiara Minì explicates, Bike break is a moving kiosk, provided with an e-bike for the transfers. It is projected for pedestrian zones and parks, in which the introduction of <Cropped>

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Isa Velarde's Textura Braille Smartphone

Isa Velarde Creates The Textura Braille Smartphone

Isa Velarde, the maker of the displayed project Award Winning Textura Braille Smartphone points out, Sleek and subtle are words that best describe Textura. Its goal, an experience creator, a quiet assistant that remains hidden and that catches glanc <Cropped>

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Blumen Lamp-Large Floor Lamp by Arturo Fis

Arturo Fis Shows The Blumen Lamp Large Floor Lamp

Arturo Fis, the project leader of the award winning design Blumen Lamp by Arturo Fis demonstrates, At over 2 meters (7 feet) tall, glowing in 16 million colors and 1000 shades of white, this colossal lamp is a design and technological wonder. Easily <Cropped>

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Avic City of Technology-Guidance System by Shiguang Qiu

Shiguang Qiu Discloses The Avic City of Technology Guidance System

shiguang qiu, the lead designer of the displayed project guidance system by shiguang qiu spells out, The brand belongs to China's aviation industry brands, with the modelling of the wing form guide arrow, to the ancient Chinese courtyard pane in <Cropped>

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