Jen-Chuan Chang's Negative Space Exhibition

Jen-Chuan Chang Portrays The Negative Space Exhibition

Jen-Chuan Chang, the lead designer of the highlighted work Exhibition:Negative Space by Jen-Chuan Chang explains, The space was built in a minimalist way, and the concept was achieved through three materials, namely metal, wood and Taiwan red clay. T <Cropped>

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Award Winning Beauty of Lines Table

Man Cheong Leung Shows The Beauty of Lines Table

Man Cheong Leung, the author of the displayed work Beauty of Lines by Man Cheong Leung explains, This table is to praise the beauty of lines. The concept of this design is presented by showing the different formations of lines: how the lines join t <Cropped>

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Restaurant by Cheng-Yu Yang

Cheng-Yu Yang Demonstrates The Mood Bar Restaurant

Cheng-Yu Yang, the creative mind behind the award winning design Restaurant:Mood Bar by Cheng-Yu Yang points out, The client, a well-known bartender in Taiwan, has been for years joining global bartending competition and wanted to have his one-of-a-k <Cropped>

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Website:creative Manila by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Shares The Creative Manila Website

The architect of the highlighted design Creative Manila - Website by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Being the inspiration network of the Philippines, Creative Manila builds a community for creative professionals, students, and enthusiasts both locall <Cropped>

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Ring by Anita Sondore

Anita Sondore Presents The Soul Ring Ring

Anita Sondore, the thinktank behind the awarded project Anita Sondore's Soul Ring Ring illustrates, A free and beautiful soul. That is you.Can you hear the Soul ring sizzle its stories? It has such a lot to say, to whisper ancient tales, dreams <Cropped>

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Bottle:myst Olive Oil by I.venkov, H. Kakoulidis, J. Tsapanidis

I.venkov, H. Kakoulidis, J. Tsapanidis Portrays The Myst Olive Oil Bottle

I.Venkov, H. Kakoulidis, J. Tsapanidis, the creator of the highlighted design Bottle by I.Venkov, H. Kakoulidis, J. Tsapanidis demonstrates, Our purpose was not to create something to hold our precious liquid but something that would contain the oliv <Cropped>

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Award Winning Greed Table and Chair

Ara Kim Shares The Greed Table and Chair

Ara Kim, the designer of the displayed project Ara Kim's Greed Table and chair says, There ought to be a feeling of unease and discomfort which will serve as a reminder of the greed of people. The extraneous number of legs of both the table an <Cropped>

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Table Lamp:didi Table Lamp by Tonettidesign

Tonettidesign Shares The Didi Table Lamp Table Lamp

tonettidesign, the creator of the displayed design Award Winning DiDi table lamp table lamp illustrates, Project DiDi was born for give form and function at the new LED technology, expressing and enhancing the performance characteristics and cost of <Cropped>

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Fn-3 by Projekt Produkt

Projekt Produkt Shows The Fn-3 Sunglasses

PROJEKT PRODUKT, the creative mind behind the awarded project Sunglasses by PROJEKT PRODUKT demonstrates, The slim frame of a metallic wire is simple and unique but not excessive. Metal is a structure that hides the lens of the rim and the screw hold <Cropped>

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Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao-Beer by Tiger Pan and Dong Yan

Tiger Pan and Dong Yan Portrays The Snow Breweries-Jiang Xin Ying Zao Beer

Tiger Pan and Dong Yan, the lead designer of the highlighted work Award Winning Snow Breweries - Jiang Xin Ying Zao Beer says, Main part of the glass bottle are traditional Chinese window frames carved in relief. They adopt an old technique named “ <Cropped>

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