Artworks:contemporary Arabic Calligraphy by Dr. Salman Alhajri

Dr. Salman Alhajri Designs The Contemporary Arabic Calligraphy Artworks

Dr. Salman Alhajri, the architect of the award winning project artworks by Dr. Salman Alhajri says, These are examples of a contemporary Arabic calligraphy art practised by an Omani artist, Dr. Salman Alhajri, assistant professor of Art and design at <Cropped>

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Marn-hotel Amenities by C.h Chang, H.a Chang, Y.q Luo and S.c Huang

C.h Chang, H.a Chang, Y.q Luo and S.c Huang Spotlights The Marn Hotel Amenities

C.H Chang, H.A Chang, Y.Q Luo and S.C Huang, the author of the highlighted design Marn - Hotel Amenities by C.H Chang, H.A Chang, Y.Q Luo and S.C Huang spells out, Having inspiration from the festive snacks of traditional Tainan culture (an old city <Cropped>

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Ritual Kit:occhiataccia by Laura Marianera

Laura Marianera Creates The Occhiataccia Ritual Kit

Laura Marianera, the designer of the award winning project Award Winning Occhiataccia Ritual kit spells out, Malocchio literally means “an eye throwing evil” and it’s an ancestral popular tradition widespread in different cultural areas. Occhi <Cropped>

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Book of Children Midsummerday-Book of Children by Maya Miyama

Maya Miyama Creates The Book of Children Midsummerday Book of Children

Maya Miyama, the project leader of the highlighted work Book of Children by Maya Miyama explicates, It is children’s picture book which tailored oral traditional tales into an imaginative story. Visualized the saga of young girl and various invisib <Cropped>

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Awareness and Advertisement by Clive Choo

Clive Choo Shares The Music360 Awareness and Advertisement

Clive Choo, the thinktank behind the displayed project Awareness and Advertisement:Music360 by Clive Choo demonstrates, Band equipments have always been a very traditional art form especially in the aspect of retail. Music360 has chosen to break trad <Cropped>

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Green View by Li-Jen Chang

Li-Jen Chang Shares The Green View Public Facilities Hall

Li-Jen Chang , the maker of the awarded work Green view by Li-Jen Chang explains, The case located on Chongde Road, Taichung. Rows of Madagascar almond, lush vegetation is staggered as poetic beauty of spring. It well drawn the most primitive life ap <Cropped>

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2020 Annual International Art Exhibition Celebrating Diversity & Inclusion

Submit Your Artwork On The Interpretation of Embracing Our Differences' Theme “enriching Lives Through Diversity.” Artists Possess a Powerful Tool to Evoke Social Change. Without Uttering a Single Word, They Can Enlighten, Educate and Effect C

Submit your artwork on the interpretation of embracing our differences' theme “enriching lives through diversity.” Artists possess a powerful tool to evoke social change. without uttering a single word, they can enlighten, educate and eff <Cropped>

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Multifunctional Wall Lamp:reverse Sunclock by Add Architecture Studio

Add Architecture Studio Spotlights The Reverse Sunclock Multifunctional Wall Lamp

ADD Architecture Studio, the project leader of the award winning design Reverse Sunclock - Multifunctional Wall Lamp by ADD Architecture Studio explains, The Reverse Sunclock Wall Lamp offers a concept that focuses on bringing together two ever exist <Cropped>

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Award Winning Rotal Shape Shifting Light Installation

Zhejiang University Presents The Rotal Shape Shifting Light Installation

Zhejiang University, the architect of the displayed design Zhejiang University's Rotal Shape Shifting Light Installation explicates, Rotal is a tree inspired shape shifting light installation. Its novel feature is the ability to allow users to p <Cropped>

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Interior Design:magic of Assemblage by Chin-An Yang

Chin-An Yang Creates The Magic of Assemblage Interior Design

Chin-An Yang, the creative mind behind the displayed project Interior Design by Chin-An Yang points out, The office interior design incorporating both the visuals of aggregation and the skills of stacking extraordinarily consolidates diverse design e <Cropped>

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