#afhdr by Wan Chun Hsieh

Wan Chun Hsieh Portrays The #afhdr Social Media Cards

Wan Chun Hsieh, the lead designer of the displayed project #afHDR - Social Media Cards by Wan Chun Hsieh illustrates, #afHDR is a series of illustration infographics cards used on social media. I worked with United Nations Development Programme (UN <Cropped>

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The Great Goddess Isida-Diamond Ring by Tatyana Raksha

Tatyana Raksha Designs The The Great Goddess Isida Diamond Ring

Tatyana Raksha, the project leader of the displayed project Diamond Ring by Tatyana Raksha demonstrates, Isida is a 14K gold ring that slips on to your finger to create a charming look. The facade of Isida ring is embellished by unique elements like <Cropped>

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Design Against War

Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Services to Meet Lifestyle and Medical Needs in Regions Affected by War.new Ideas Contest On Desall.com: Emergency, Sosdesign and Desall Invite You to Design Spaces, Products and Se

Emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products and services to meet lifestyle and medical needs in regions affected by war.New ideas contest on desall.com: emergency, sosdesign and desall invite you to design spaces, products a <Cropped>

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Digital 360 Degree Camera:v.360˚ by Vsn Mobil Team

Vsn Mobil Team Shares The V.360˚ Digital 360 Degree Camera

VSN Mobil Team, the author of the awarded project Digital 360 Degree Camera by VSN Mobil Team explicates, The V360 is a 360° seamless HD action camera, replacing the need to have 3 action cameras to capture the same amount of content, that lets you <Cropped>

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Lelo Design Team's Lelo Hex Reengineered Latex Condoms

Lelo Design Team Portrays The Lelo Hex Reengineered Latex Condoms

LELO Design Team, the creative mind behind the awarded project Reengineered Latex Condoms:LELO HEX by LELO Design Team explains, The advances and innovations of the HEX condom are rooted in its unique reengineered hexagonal structure. This design, c <Cropped>

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Indoor Outdoor Bathroom-Bathroom by Bilska De Beaupuy

Bilska De Beaupuy Shows The Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Bathroom

Bilska de Beaupuy, the designer of the displayed project Bilska de Beaupuy's Indoor Outdoor Bathroom Bathroom points out, The project is an exploration of an Indoor-Outdoor space. Architects aimed to create an in-between zone, somewhere that is <Cropped>

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Devesh Bhatia's Factory Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia Demonstrates The Factory Restaurant

Devesh Bhatia, the project leader of the award winning design Factory by Devesh Bhatia explicates, Factory has been developed as a place that manufactures beer. an entire character of a run down factory built up in 4 floors of the available space. Ev <Cropped>

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Mesh Wifi System by Ronghao Jin

Ronghao Jin Reveals The Mercku M2 Hive Mesh Wifi System

Ronghao Jin, the creative mind behind the displayed design Mercku M2 Hive by Ronghao Jin spells out, Mercku, a Canadian IoT hardware company has a new approach to Wi-Fi technology, with a trans-formative satellite system, which boasts performance, fl <Cropped>

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Chinese Philosophy of Life by Wang Yue-Yishu Creative

Wang Yue-Yishu Creative Designs The Chinese Philosophy of Life Wall Painting

Wang yue-YISHU Creative, the thinktank behind the highlighted design wall painting by Wang yue-YISHU Creative points out, If everyone can understand others and share common beliefs, then it would be a society of harmony and freedom.the twelve wall <Cropped>

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Golden Pin Design Award & Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2019

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Call For Entries Is Now Open. The Award Is a Golden Opportunity For Companies, Design Teams, and Individuals From All Around The Globe to Demonstrate Design Excellence in Taiwan, Asia, and Beyond. The Early Bird Ent

Taiwan’s golden pin design award 2019 call for entries is now open. the award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in taiwan, asia, and beyond. the early bir <Cropped>

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